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ws Agency (KCNA) quoted a foreign ministry spokesperson as saying.Pyongyang hoped that "goodwill measures" such as suspending nuclear ▓tests and intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test fire, dismantling its nuclear test ground and repatriating POW/MIA remains would contribute to improving relations."However, the U.S. responded to our expectation by inciting internat

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    ional sanct▓ions and pressure against the DP▓RK," said a statement.The U.S.▓ Department of the Treasury e

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    arlier this month announced sanctions on an individ▓ual and three entities -- including


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    Republic of Korea (

    a Russia▓n commercial bank -- for alleged link▓s with the nuclear program of the DPRK.With such moves, "one cannot expect any prog▓res

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    s in the implementation of ▓the DPRK-U.S. joint statement including the denuclearization, and furthermore, there is no guarantee that t

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    he hard-won atmosphere of stability on the Korean Peninsula wil▓l continue," said the spokesperson.▓DPRK top leader Kim Jong Un met wi

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